2 Yummy Pasta Dishes from Appetite for Reduction

Happy Meatless Monday VegCookbook Cooks!

This week I made two delish pasta recipes from our January VegCookbook, Appetite for Reduction:

Creamy Mushroom Fettuccine (p. 188)

Pasta e Fabioli with Spinach (p. 185)

Both were yummy.  My only complaint is that we ate all of the Creamy Mushroom Fettuccine in one sitting, and didn’t have leftovers!

What recipes did you try this week?

VegCookbook Cook, @leahlundquist, posted a photo on Instagram of her Pineapple Collards (p. 94) and Butternut Coconut Rice (pp. 80-81).  Doesn’t it look delish?

Full disclosure: The link to Appetite for Reduction is connected to my Amazon Associates account.  If you make a purchase after clicking on the link, I get a small percentage of the sale.

10 responses to “2 Yummy Pasta Dishes from Appetite for Reduction

  1. I made the black bean, zucchini and olive tacos – absolutely YUM!

  2. @Andrea – I LOVE the black bean, zucchini & olive tacos. They are fantastic, aren’t they!

  3. I kind of hit a small roadblock this week, while trying something new, but I will get onboard for next week. A three-day weekend helps! I love the cookbook and can’t wait to get fully into it! Debra

  4. Andrea & Jana ~ Aren’t those tacos delish? It’s the sauce that really makes them special.

    Debra ~ No worries, you’ve got lots of time. January is a long month!

  5. Hey Britt, I have a question. I have the Kindle version of this book, and in the creamy mushroom fettuccine recipe it lists “creamy portabella soup” as an ingredient. Is that supposed to be a link to another recipe in the book, or does someone make a prepared soup like that? What did you use?


  6. Hi Elisa!

    It doesn’t link to another recipe. I used Imagine brand, and it was tasty:

  7. The pineapple collards and butternut coconut rice were completely delish. Add maple orange glazed tempeh from Christy Morgan’s Blissful Bites cookbook and it was a feast! I’ll have my blog up and running in no time to regale you all with my adventures in the kitchen!

  8. Hi Leah,

    How exciting that you’re starting a new blog! Do you cook from Christy Morgan’s Blissful Bites cookbook often? Would you recommend it for the group to cook from one month?

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