Appetite for Reduction Round-up: Your Posts, Photos & Comments

Yay us for cooking through our first VegCookbook, Appetite for Reduction.  Here’s what y’all had to say about it:

Blog posts


All by Lean Lundquist on Instagram


Thanks Andrea of Learned On, Brigitte, Celeste, Courtney of Yoga G33k, Debra of Breathelighter, Elisa of Veggie Goes Vegan, Gabriela of Source Consulting Group, Ian, Jana of My Life as a Runner, and Leah for all of your comments on this month’s posts:

I’m looking forward to cooking through The Vegan Table with all of you in February!

Full disclosure: The links to Appetite for Reduction and The Vegan Table are linked to my Amazon Associates account.  If you make a purchase, after clicking on the link, I get a small percentage of the sale.

2 responses to “Appetite for Reduction Round-up: Your Posts, Photos & Comments

  1. Yes, I am months behind but I’m still acquiring cookbooks! This morning I made “Red Lentil & Root Veggie Dal” from p. 219. I halved the recipe (I’m a solo vegan), and used green lentils instead of red and daikon and rutabaga as my root veggies. I also served it over plain brown rice instead of the recommended basmati. When all was said and done though it turned out *sensational.* It’s a bit heavy for the season but the flavors are so spicy and seductive, and my whole home smelled beautiful for hours. Even halving the recipe I still ended up with about four servings, and I will definitely make this again!

    • Hi Hollie,

      It sounds delicious! Can you freeze dal? Would it still be tasty defrosted? I’m just thinking that if you like the recipe, you could make the whole batch, and freeze it in portion-sized containers that you could defrost in your fridge over night, or while you’re at work during the day.

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