Broc Mac Daddy + How Do You Find Time to Cook?

Hello VegCooks!

Last week was soooooooo busy.  It was a real struggle to find time to cook.

What are your tips for how to find time to cook during the work week?

I only made one recipe from this month’s VegCookbook, Veganomicon, the Broc Mac Daddy (a vegan version of mac n’ cheese).

I was a little worried at first because it uses so much nutritional yeast, which I like, but I wasn’t sure if I would like it *that* much.

At first, we both said, “It’s OK,” but the more we ate, the more we liked it. As the hubs put it, “It’s growing on me.” We ate it for two nights, and will probably have it again tonight! It makes a ton.

What did you VegCook this week?

Full disclosure: The link to Veganomicon is linked to my Amazon Associates Account. If you buy something after you click on it, I will  receive a small percentage of the sale, which I’ll probably use to buy more books!

4 responses to “Broc Mac Daddy + How Do You Find Time to Cook?

  1. I LOVE nutritional yeast so would probably love this! Any chance you’ll be sharing the recipe?

    • Hi Marta,

      The recipe isn’t available online (so I can’t share it with you), but you can probably check Veganomicon out of your public library.

      If they don’t have it, your local bookstore might have a used copy, or you could buy a used copy from Amazon. I just checked, and the lowest price right now is $13.79. Powells sells used copies too, but their price is a little higher.

  2. Thanks, Britt! I kind of forget about checking cookbooks out from the library, but I just requested it so I can test this out. I wonder if being a vegetarian is why I love/crave nutritional yeast so much? My meat-eater husband is not a fan and won’t touch my popcorn if I sprinkle NY on it.

  3. Oh good! The library is a great way to test out a cookbook, and see if you like it before making the investment. Let me know what you think of the Mac Daddy recipe.

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