Cheater Chili and My Hot Slow Cooker

I made my first recipe from our September VegCookbook, The Vegan Slow Cookerthe Cheater Chili _ and learned that my slow cooker runs hot.

I’ve only used my slow cookers (I have two – wedding gifts) a handful of times.  Aside from when I’ve made soup (which works great) everything else has been rather dry and burned, like this chili recipe.

I’ve always wondered if I was just choosing bad recipes, or doing something wrong, but Kathy’s slow cooker tips guest post made made me realize — I have a hot slow cooker!  So, moving forward, I’m going to experiment with cooking recipes for less time, adding more liquid as they cook, and making sure I’m using the correct size slow cooker.

Yay for culinary learning! I’m very excited to master my slow cookers,

What did you VegCook this week?

7 responses to “Cheater Chili and My Hot Slow Cooker

  1. Kathy’s tips were helpful for me also… My slow cooker must be old enough to not run hot (judging by the limited times I have used it) but I have definitely considered purchasing a new one, and I would have never realized that. Silly, but I am assuming a newer one might be safer electric-wise…I don’t love leaving things cooking while gone:)

  2. I have found it is hard to use my new cooker because I can’t leave it while going to work, everything over cooks.

  3. I too found the slow cooker I aleays use to slow cook beans, and soup did not work to cook Baigan Bharta( eggplant curry).
    It took ages to cook down the onions and garlic and then i realized I only had two conyrols; low and high. Results: I took everything out and began to sautee the recipe on top of the stove. Do you think I need a new slow cooker?

  4. Julieruns – It’s safe to leave the new ones cooking all day, though I leave mine on a trivet just in case. The reason the new ones are hotter have to do with meat safety rules, but unfortunately it effects all of us.

    Kathy – Have you tried soups or chilies? They are the easiest to leave cooking all day. Sometimes my dinner will cook as much as 10 hours before we finally get a chance to sit down and eat. If you are doing stews, start with an extra cup of water/liquid and see if that helps. Another way is to try a few recipes over the weekend while you’re home, then you have a few you know that you can leave on all day without worries.

    Boomerwiz – Were you trying to saute the onion in the slow cooker? I find that doesn’t work well for me, so I cook mine on the stove, then add it to the slow cooker after they are cooked.

    Happy slow cooking everyone!

  5. Kathy…do you think it’s wise to update to a new one, for safety, electrically, if mine is 17 old? Or am I silly?

  6. Thanks for answering everyone’s questions, Kathy!

  7. Julieruns – My favorite small 1 1/2 quart slow cooker is from the 80’s and it’s still going strong. Unless you notice any issues with it I think it should be fine.

    If you do go ahead and get a newer one, cook with it on a cutting board or trivet the first time in case you have “sensitive counters”.

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