October VegCookbook: Chloe’s Kitchen

Our October VegCookbook is Chloe’s Kitchen by Chloe Coscarelli. I received a copy for my birthday in August, and have been dying to dig into it. I really wanted to cook from it in October, so I didn’t do a poll this month (hope you don’t mind!).

You can see sample recipes on Chloe’s website, chefchloe.com, follow her on Twitter at @chloecoscarelli, friend her on Facebook, and watch her on YouTube.

Watch Chloe below on the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars:

If it’s your first time cooking with the VegCookbook Club, you can read about how it works here.

Note: The link to Chloe’s Kitchen is attached to my Amazon Associates account. If you purchase something after clicking on the link, I receive a small percentage of the sale, which I’ll most likely use to buy more books!

9 responses to “October VegCookbook: Chloe’s Kitchen

  1. Yay! You read my mind. I’ve had her cookbook for a few months and have yet to make anything. I’m so excited to dig into it and make some good food.

  2. So excited that this is the month’s cookbook! I adore Chloe and have already made some amazing recipes from her book. This one is a real winner. I’m looking forward to participating for the first time!

  3. Great! I have this one too. I’m really looking forward to making some of the recipes I have been looking at for a while.

  4. I don’t have this one and have to stop buying cookbooks for awhile. I may follow along and try some recipes from her site…there is always Christmas…

  5. Kelley, Barbi, and Marli ~ I’m excited too. Everything in the book looks so good!

    Julieruns ~ I totally understand. They add up! Cooking from the site is a great idea. Have you checked to see if your public library carries it?

  6. Britt–good idea! I normally check out quite a few cookbooks that way! Right now I have Let Them Eat Vegan and Skinny Bitch Everyday Cookbook sitting here. I put a reserve on the book but there’s a waiting list. Her site looks great…I’m definitely going to try her vegan mac and cheese first…

  7. Great!!!!! I have had this book for a bit but have yet to make anything out of it. It’s time!!!!!!

  8. sweet! love this cookbook.everything i’ve made so far is super yummy and there’s plenty of dishes i haven’t had a chance to make yet. i’m in for this month : )

  9. Julieruns ~ Can’t wait to hear about/see photos of your mac and cheese.

    Amanda ~ Yay!

    Mary Jo ~ What are some recipes you’ve especially liked?

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