Let’s Support Sarah Kramer with Our April VegCookbook (Poll)

On March 14th, VegCookbook author, Sarah Kramer, announced on her blog that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. I felt so sad when I read her  post. As if I’d received bad news from a good friend. I’ve been cooking from How It All Vegan! and Garden of Vegan, that she co-wrote with Tanya Barnard, for over a decade. Sarah’s cookbooks are a part of my daily life.

How many of you got one of her cookbooks as your first VegCookbook?

I would like to support Sarah during this challenging time by cooking from one of her VegCookbooks in April. Please vote in the poll below by 5 PM PT on March 27th for which one of Sarah’s VegCookbooks you would like to cook from together next month.

You can follow Sarah’s journey on her blog, Twitter, and Facebook.

How It All Vegan!

The Garden of Vegan

La Dolce Vegan!

Vegan a Go-Go!

13 responses to “Let’s Support Sarah Kramer with Our April VegCookbook (Poll)

  1. My first ever vegan cookbooks! I’ve already cooked through La Dolce Vegan in the LDV Challenge for a year. They are my go-to recipes everytime I want something quick and delicious. My LDV cookbook is bookmarked, food splattered and well loved. 🙂 I vote we go back to her first cookbook HIAV.

    • Hi Kelley,

      I have LDV, but haven’t cooked from it much. What do you recommend?

      • Wow-there are so many great recipes. I’ve blogged about all of them under “La Dolce Vegan Challenge”. A few of them are-Dijon Mustard Brussels Sprouts, Roasted Cherry Tomato Pasta with Kalamata Olives & Capers, Wolffie’s ‘Buttermilk’ Cornbread… I could go on and on! Just made Wolffie’s Fiesta Macaroni Bean Salad yesterday for an early Easter with family.

      • This is awesome. Thanks, Kelley! I’ll have to put Post-Its on these.

        Glad to have you back VegCooking with us this month.

  2. What a brilliant idea! Yes, Sarah Kramer’s books were my gateway cookbooks too. I love them all.

    Also I have to recommend her iphone app for a fun, mobile dose of her welcoming Go Vegan! recipes. Here’s my review: http://vegankind.blogspot.com/2012/10/go-vegan-with-sarah-kramer-app-review.html

  3. Oh…. I didn’t know that.
    Sarah is my vegan guru. She taught me vegan cooking with HIAV and LDV.

    • Hi Babette,

      She really is the first vegan guru, isn’t she? I’m so glad we’re going to cook from one of her VegCookbooks in April. So far, How It All Vegan! is ahead in the polls.

  4. I hadn’t seen that…I just finally met Sarah in person at BlogHer PRO in December! I’m so bummed. Happy to cook from her books and app!

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