Crazy for Carrots

The big news is that we got a juicer!  I’m so excited.  Every since we cooked from Crazy Sexy Kitchen in January, and you shared photos of the juices you made from it, I’ve wanted a juicer.

I made my first juice, the Carrot Apple Ginger Juice, from our April VegCookbook, How It All Vegan!, by Tanya Barnard and Sarah Kramer. Soooooooo good. The combination of the sweet carrots and apples with the spicy ginger was fantastic.

Carrot Apple Ginger Juice

I’m wondering if I have a vitamin A deficiency ’cause I couldn’t stop cooking with carrots! I also made the Artichoke Rotini Pasta topped with Faux Parmesan Cheese with a side of JB’s Sweet Dill Carrots. Everything was delicious. The faux parm was easy to make (you throw toasted sesame seeds, nutritional yeast and salt into the blender), but don’t rush pouring the sesame seeds into the blender (like I did), or you’ll be sweeping up sesame seeds for days!

Artichoke Rotini Pasta, Faux Parmesan, JB's Sweet Dill Carrots

I also made Tanya’s Asian Creation with a side of Jana’s Lemon Carrots.
Tanya’s Asian Creation is one of my favorite recipes from How It All Vegan!. I’ve made it many, many times. This isn’t really the season for butternut squash, so it didn’t have the amazing sweetness is usually has, but it was still good. I used olive oil rather than flax seed oil (flax seed oil is expensive), and soy sauce instead of Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, ’cause I had it on hand.  After my sesame seed explosion while making the Faux Parmesan, I wasn’t up for making the gomasio from scratch, so I bought a bottle of Eden Organic Gomasio. I like gomasio, so I know I’ll use it again.

The Jana’s Lemon Carrot recipe was a new one for me, and very tasty. Both carrot recipes were quick, which is a big plus for me when adding a veggie side dish to a meal.

Tanya's Asian Creation + Janas Maple Lemon Carrots

Before we go into the VegCookBook Club Story Swap, I wanted to let you know that Sarah posted on her blog that her surgery is tomorrow (April 9th). Her shop will be closed for two weeks while she recovers. You can send her an encouraging note via email, snail mail, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

VegCookBook Club Story Swap

What did you VegCook last week?

6 responses to “Crazy for Carrots

  1. Fresh juices are SO good!

    I definitely want to try that faux parm and the Artichoke Rotini Pasta, which I’ve never made before.

    Sesame seeds can be tricky and speedy =) I mostly have issues with flax seeds.

    • I made the Faux Parm again last week, and managed the sesame seeds better this time (: You Ginger Peanut Soup looks delish. I included it in the round-up, which is going up shortly.

  2. Your food (and everyone else’s as well) looks delicious Britt. Congrats on the juicer. I was contemplating that faux parm too–I will proceed slowly after reading this! Especially because I already messed up my Eazy Breezy Cheezy sauce, on the last ingredient–ugh! I thought I read 2 Tablespoons mustard vs the reality of 2 teaspoons–it wasn’t bad, but tasted like a mustard sauce, obviously!! I will be trying it correctly this week…I did make the Cilantro Ginger Tempeh Toss (new recipe for the 10th anniversary edition). I used potato instead of Japanese eggplant and 1/4 tsp dried red pepper flakes instead of hot red peppers. Neither of these were at my store. It has a wonderful flavor. However, I am discovering I’m not a fan of tempeh, and I will use the tofu option in the future. I finally got on Flickr, so the pics of the tempeh toss are up and my future cooking will show up there from now on.

    Britt, I hope you will continue to point out the recipes you have used over and over. That is the best endorsement and super helpful. Thanks for keeping us updated on Sarah too. Just reading this book makes me love both of them. Oh, I did want to point out that the list of animal ingredients on pages 207-217 is very helpful too. I could see myself bringing the book to the store to use it.

    Sorry to blab on and on everyone. Have a great week!

    • Hi Julie,

      Welcome to Flickr! Your photos look great. I’ve added them to the round-up, which I’ll post soon. It includes another one of my super-favorite recipes.

  3. This week, I made the Yeast Pizza Crust with one of the topping suggestions.

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