Poll: What Is Your Biggest VegCooking Challenge?

Hello VegCooks!

I’ve been pondering ways to expand the VegCookbook Club blog, and was wondering if you’d take a moment to take this quick poll:

Feel free to share more about your VegCooking challenges in the comments, or email me at britt AT brittbravo DOT com.

6 responses to “Poll: What Is Your Biggest VegCooking Challenge?

  1. Definitely would love to learn more about nutrition for vegans! I definitely don’t know enough to really put a vegan meal together so I tend to go vegetarian.

  2. It’s definitely a time thing! Monday through Thursday we tend to eat a decent lunch associated with our workday, and often hardly eat dinner–maybe a big salad. The recipes in the cookbooks are wonderfully nutritious, on average–and very easily composed, but they require prep work. After work it’s a challenge. Truth is, however, I would like to change my habits to include more preparation time. I don’t think it’s hard, just a change in my thinking! Debra

    • Time is definitely an issue! Some of the thing I find that help are 1. Cook big on Sunday, so that we have leftovers on Monday, and hopefully Tuesday, and 2. Layer new dishes, so that each night we’re eating something leftover and something new, so that I’m not making more than one dish from scratch each night.

  3. Avoiding ruts. I like to try new things but often fall back to a standard menu. That’s why I like the Club, because it gives me a chance to experiment and be playful.

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