Spicy Garlic Toss for Noodles + Corri’s Easy Green Chop Suey from How It All Vegan

Spicy Garlic Toss for Noodles

Last week was a noodle kind of week. I made two noodly dishes. The first was the Spicy Garlic Toss for Noodles, which was sooooooo good. Like Babette said in her comment about making the Burnin’ Butt Burritos,  I can’t believe that I’ve had our April VegCookbook, How It All Vegan, for so long, and never made this. Plus, it’s crazy simple and quick. I used thin udon noodles, and smoked paprika, rather than regular paprika, which I think made it extra delicious.

Corri's Easy Green Chop Suey

I also made Corri’s Easy Green Chop Suey, which was also yummy. My only complaint is that I wish both recipes made a lot more, because they were so good. I used sesame oil, rather than olive oil, and put in about 2 inches of finely grated ginger, rather than the suggested 2 teaspoons (I love ginger!). I also used a lot more spinach than bok choy ’cause the baby and regular-sized bok choy didn’t look so hot at the store. I’ll definitely make both recipes again. Yum.

If you haven’t chimed in yet, don’t forget to take the What Is Your Biggest VegCooking Challenge? poll. I’ll post the poll to vote for our May VegCookbook tomorrow.

VegCookBook Club Story Swap

What did you VegCook last week ?

8 responses to “Spicy Garlic Toss for Noodles + Corri’s Easy Green Chop Suey from How It All Vegan

  1. That noodle dish just looks like heaven to me. I always tell myself there is not enough veggies and proteins in those dishes, but it is so comforting, and honestly not the end of the world. I really want to try it.

    I hope I have a copy of next month’s cookbook. I really enjoyed my first experience with the cookbook club =)

    • Hi Babette,

      I’m so glad that you enjoyed your first month with the VegCookbook Club (: If you want to share a few lines about what you enjoyed about it, I’d love to add it to the Love Notes page: https://vegcookbookclub.com/love-notes/

      If you make the noodles above, you could always have it with a salad (for your veg), and quickly saute some chickpeas in olive oil with salt and pepper for a protein-filled side-dish.

  2. All sound so good! I did make the Big Ben’s Lentil Burgers…couldn’t be easier. I took photos with Instagram…hahaha! Then couldn’t figure out what to do with them. I can’t seem to coordinate all my efforts very well, but I’m eating great! 🙂 Debra

    • I like your new avatar photo, Three Well Beings.
      Do you need help using Instagram? Lemme know.

      Glad to hear the Big Ben’s Lentil Burgers were easy. Were they tasty?

  3. I was mentally a basket case with the Boston events last week. (I grew up there). I’m trying to regroup and get cooking from this fun book. It all looks fabulous!

  4. Britt-Meant to tell you, all is fine. I still have friends there, but no family. I was just devastated for Boston and the running community as a whole…and I grew up an avid watcher!

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