Curried Vegetable Salad and Baked Ziti from Vegan on the Cheap

Happy Meatless Monday, VegCooks!

Last week, I tried two recipes from our May VegCookbook, Vegan on the Cheap: the Baked Ziti and the Curried Vegetable Salad.

Curried Vegetable Salad

I *loved* the Curried Vegetable Salad. So good, and very filling. I used sweet potatoes/yams instead of white potatoes, dried apricots, instead of raisins, and Vegenaise, rather than homemade vegan mayo. This would be a great dish to bring to a potluck (just make sure no one is allergic to nuts, or soy), or to make on a Sunday night to take to lunch during the first part of the week. I’ll definitely be making it again. Yum.

Vegan Baked Ziti
The hubs loves Baked Ziti (with real cheese), so I’m always looking for a vegan version that will be just as delicious; unfortunately, I have yet to find one. Don’t get me wrong, this recipe was totally fine (I ate almost the whole casserole myself during the week), I just think it’s hard to replace the cheesy, comforting yumminess of regular baked ziti.  I don’t like vegan cheese, so I didn’t sprinkle it on the top, as the recipe suggested. I think if I did, and I liked vegan cheese, it might have captured more of the baked ziti goodness. I also used marinara sauce from a jar (Newman’s Own) rather than homemade (as the recipe suggested), so that would make a difference as well.

What did you VegCook last week?

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10 responses to “Curried Vegetable Salad and Baked Ziti from Vegan on the Cheap

  1. Looks yummy as usual! Trying to get cooking again; still trying to get my kitchen back in order after getting new flooring installed. I have a moral dilemma question: Is it illegal to post cookbook authors recipes in their entirety on your blog without their permission? I have noticed this happening and it really bothers me.

  2. I really like that curried salad. So yummy.

  3. This week, I made the wheatballs… my bf thought they tasted like “cheese balls”. A success at my place anyway.

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