Your Biggest VegCooking Challenges Are…

Last month, I asked y’all to vote in a poll about your biggest VegCooking challenges. Three choices received the most (and equal) amount of votes:

1. No time to cook and/or shop.

time flies







2. Cooking for my non-veg family member(s).









3. Making food my partner likes.

So, what I’d love to know, is:

What do you do to work with these VegCooking challenges?

Flickr photo credits:
Time flies by Robert Couse-Baker.
Veggie Dog at Dougiedog in Vancouver by Jennifer of
Sad eyes by Hannah K.

4 responses to “Your Biggest VegCooking Challenges Are…

  1. I do quick shopping trips during the week. Sometimes I do a larger trip on the weekend. I really try to cook in bulk on the weekend so that there will be meals for the whole week.

    My kids (girls ages 18 and 11 yrs.) aren’t veg but there is only veg food in the house. I am vegan but my kids eat dairy so I have dairy in the house but not meats. My 18 yr. old is not a cheese fan (fortunately) but I’m trying to wean my 11 yr. old off of cheese. She is a pizza lover. I have purchased every kind of frozen vegan pizzas and non-dairy cheeses. She wasn’t a fan of the pizzas but I found one vegan cheese she likes on her mac & cheese (Tofutti brand). My husband eats vegan at home but eats fish outside the home (mostly canned).

    Fortunately my husband likes all the vegan food I make. My kids will eat some of it. I have some staples around if they refuse to eat what I made: Tofurky sausages, meatless meat balls, peanut butter, chickpeas, whole wheat pasta, veg refried beans with corn tortillas, etc.

    • Wow, Caroline. These are fantastic tips for how to find time to cook, and how to get your kids & spouse excited about eating veg. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. May’s book, Vegan on the Cheap, has lots of pragmatic advice about saving time & money while still cooking nutritious veg meals. One tip I’ve never tried is postponing my grocery shopping. It seems like I’m always stopping by the organic market down the street for last minute items, not using up what’s already in the fridge or kitchen cupboards.

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