Tamari-Roasted Chickpeas + Bean and Corn Tortilla Lasagna with Avocado and more!

Y’all are cooking up a storm from our July VegCookbook, Eat, Drink and Be Vegan by Dreena Burton, so let’s jump right into our swap:

VegCookbook Club Story Swap!

Last week, I made the Bean and Corn Tortilla Lasagna with Avocado which was very yummy, and made lots of leftovers.

Bean and Corn Tortilla Lasagna with Avocado

And the Tamari-Roasted Chickpeas, which I ate over leftover spaghetti. They smelled so good, I took them out a little early. Next time, I’ll let them cook longer, and will add a little more rosemary, just because I like that flavor.

Tamari-Roasted Chickpeas

I also made the “Honey” Mustard Vinaigrette which was very sweet, and consequently, very good ( :

"Honey" Mustard Vinaigrette

And I made the Lemon Garlic Pasta. Although the photo is kinda blah, this was a very tasty and easy to make dish that I’m sure I’ll make again.

Lemon Garlic Pasta

What did you VegCook last week?

7 responses to “Tamari-Roasted Chickpeas + Bean and Corn Tortilla Lasagna with Avocado and more!

  1. I always say this because it’s true–everything looks sooo good! I’m curious if the lasagna has any nut ingredients? Because I might have to get the book from the library for that recipe. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for doing the roundup from all the different places folks are posting. I love seeing all of them!

  3. I also made the Lemon Garlic Pasta last night and had it for lunch today. I just realized now though that I accidently forgot to throw on the pine nuts at the end! Even without the pine nuts I really liked it.I threw in some thawed frozen peas just so it would have more to it. I agree, it sounds and looks simple, but I actually found it really tasty. The raw garlic and lemon juice gave it a nice, refreshing tang. I would also make this again! More for lunch than a hearty dinner.

  4. This all looks very yummy. I should definitely try the pasta, because it sounds easy and I just love pasta. I rarely make simple pasta like this with few veggies, but that’s probably what I like best.

    The lasagna sounds great too. I want to try it eventually.

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