Blueberry-Green Smoothie + Green Juice Smoothie

Hello VegCookbookers!

It’s been hot here in California and I’ve been super busy, so the first recipes I tried from our September VegCookbook, Vegan Indian Cooking, were smoothies.

Green Juice Smoothie

Green Juice Smoothie from Vegan Indian Cooking

I love the spice of ginger in a smoothie, so this one was up my alley. I don’t have a Vitamix, so I chopped up the apple, carrot, cucumber and ginger before adding them to my blender and they pureed up nicely. I also squeezed the orange and lime, rather than add them in pieces, like you can with a Vitamix. I didn’t add ice. I don’t like icy drinks.

Blueberry-Green Smoothie

Blueberry-Green Smoothie

I liked this one too, although the Green Juice Smoothie had a more unique flavor. My grocery store doesn’t carry bitter melon, so I used spinach instead. I didn’t soak the almonds overnight, ’cause I wanted to make the smoothie the day I got the ingredients, so they didn’t blend up very well in my blender.  I’d hit a big nut chunk every once in awhile.

I have some almonds soaking right now to make the Red Velvet Smoothie tonight. Hopefully, they’ll  blend up better.

VegCookbook Club Story Swap

Because we’re finishing one month and starting another, folks cooked from both VegCookbooks:

Betty Goes Vegan (August VegCookbook)

Vegan Indian Cooking (September VegCookbook)

What have you been VegCooking?

3 responses to “Blueberry-Green Smoothie + Green Juice Smoothie

  1. We regularly make the South Indian Hummus and eat it on a bagel! It is SO good, one of the best hummus recipes I’ve used. I always leave out the rasam powder just cause I’m too lazy to make it 🙂

    We have also made the roti several times and find it pretty easy and quick,

  2. These sound great, thanks for sharing!

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