December VegCookbook: Our Favorite 2013 VegCookbooks

Hi VegCooks!

After thinking a lot about which VegCookbook we should cook from together in December, I’ve decided it would be nice to go back and cook from the ones we liked the best in 2013.

So, in December, we’ll all cook from whichever of the 2013 VegCoookbooks (listed below) we liked best, and share our photos and comments as we always do. You can re-make favorite recipes, or try new ones. I know there are lots of recipes I still wanted to try from some of our 2013 VegCookbooks even though their month was over.

I’ll put a poll up towards the end of the month and we can vote for the VegCookbook Club’s Favorite VegCookbook of 2013!

My work schedule has changed so that I have less time to write our round-ups (sad face). Things that would help me do them faster, especially in December when we’ll all be cooking from different VegCookbooks, are:

  • Write out the full recipe name and the VegCookbook title it came from.
  • If I you write about your VegCooking experience on your blog, post the URL in the comments of this blog.
  • If you post a photo in our Flickr group, lemme know in the comments of this blog.


This year, we’ve VegCooked together from:

January 2013
Crazy, Sexy Kitchen


February 2013
Color Me Vegan


March 2013
Vegan Brunch


April 2013
How It All Vegan


May 2013
Vegan on the Cheap

vegan on the cheap

June 2013


July 2013
Eat, Drink and Be Vegan


August 2013
Betty Goes Vegan

Betty Goes Vegan

September 2013
Vegan Indian Cooking

Vegan Indian Cooking

October 2013
Mouthwatering Vegan


November 2013
Isa Does It


Lemme know if you have any questions. We didn’t do this last year, so it’ll be an experiment!

4 responses to “December VegCookbook: Our Favorite 2013 VegCookbooks

  1. This will be fun. I’ve been doing a 21-day cleanse from the past 3 weeks, so haven’t been able to do Isa’s book at all yet. Plus lots of travel made it hard some months to really do much. I expect December to be a) no work travel and b) I’m taking a couple of weeks off…so hopefully lots of cooking to come 🙂

  2. Sounds good Britt. I know I’d like to explore Vegan Brunch and How it All Vegan more. Both are so packed with so much that sounds good to me.

    • Hi Julie! Glad to hear you already have two in mind to dive back into. That was part of my motivation for going back through the 2013 VegCookbooks. There are so many good recipes I’d like to try and re-make.

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