Sunflower Mac, Omaha Yakisoba + Lentil-Quinoa Stew with Kale

Sunflower Mac

That yummy, creamy dish is the Sunflower Mac from our November VegCookbook, Isa Does It. Yum-eee. Instead of blending up soaked cashews, which are often used to make vegan “cream” sauce, the recipe calls for soaked sunflower seeds.

Since our last round-up, the hubs and I also made the Omaha Yakisoba, which we liked, but we left out the Sriracha sauce (we have low spice tolerance), so it was a little milder than we expected. Lesson: if the recipe says to add Sriracha sauce, add it!


I also made the Lentil-Quinoa Stew with Kale.


Something went a bit awry with this recipe, though I don’t know why ’cause lots of you made it and loved it.  It came out super thick, even though I added two extra cups of broth to it, so it wasn’t very stew-like. My big mistake was using a bag of Trader Joe’s Organic Tuscan Kale. It’s pre-cut (yay), but the stems are left in (boo), so it seemed like every bite included a big bitter stem. Lesson learned: when the recipe says to remove the the kale stems, remove them (I see a theme here)…

What did you VegCook last week?

VegCookbook Club Story Swap:

Amy made the Sweet and Sour Brown Rice Salad with Fresh Herbs, Olive Angel Hair with Seared Brussel Sprouts, Down-Home Curry with Tofu and Broccoli, Roasted Butternut Alfredo, Sweet Potato and Red Curry Soup, Creamy Sun-Dried Tomato Penne, Roasted Potato and Fennel Soup, Chana Masala, Red Lentil Thai Curry, and the Down Home Curry.

Catherine made the Curried Peanut Sauce Bowl with Tofu and Kale, and the Meaty Beany Chili.

Cintia made the Sunflower Mac, Roasty Soba Bowl with Miso Tahini Dressing (two times!), Red Lentil Thai Chili, My Thai Overnight Scramble, Cheddary Broccoli Soupand the Meaty Beany Chili and Cornbread Muffins.

Elizabeth made the Pesto Soup with Gnocchi and Greens, Red Pepper Mac N Cheese, Butternut Squash Alfredo,  and the Homestyle Curry.

Eve made the Down Home Curry, Sinfully Wholesome Waffles, Meaty Beany Chili and Cornbread Muffins, and the Carrot Cake Pancakes.

Hillary made the Butternut Bisque, and the Lentil-a-roni.

Jeni made the Kale Salad with Roasted Butternut Squash and Lentils,

Jenn made the Edamame Hummus and Tofu Wrap, Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Seared Brussel Sprouts and Tarragon Cream, Butternut Bisque, and the Coconut Chana Saag.

Jess made the Simmered Seitan, the Chimchurri Pumpkin Bowl, Sesame Slaw with Warm Garlicky Seitan, Roasted Potato and Fennel Soup, and the Butternut Alfredo.

Jessica made the Moroccan Harira Soup.

JoMaryU made the Chandra Malai Kofta.

Kate made the Roasted Butternut Alfredo, Pineapple Upside-Down Cake, Lentil-a-roni and Cornbread Muffins, and the Coconut Chana Saag.

Kristen made the Lemon Blueberry Loaf.

Liz made the Chicky Tuna Salad Sandwiches, Dragon Noodle Salad with Sesame Tofu, and the Kale Salad with Butternut Squash and Lentils,

Lynsey made the Smoky Incan Stew, Tofu-Mushroom Stroganoff, Chai Spice Snickerdoodles, Omaha Yakisoba, Seitan and Wild Mushroom Stew, and the Cast Iron Stir Fry with Avocado and Peanuts.

Maya made the Simmered Seitan, and the Basic Baked Tofu.

Morgan made the Wild Mushroom and Seitan Stew.

Tish made the Chai Spice Snickerdoodles, and the Cheesy Broccoli Soup.

7 responses to “Sunflower Mac, Omaha Yakisoba + Lentil-Quinoa Stew with Kale

  1. Just an FYI I posted a picture to the flickr group for the next December post! I’m cooking from Vegan Indian Cooking this month! The recipes pictured are spicy sweet potato patties, mushroom and pea sabji, and lemon brown rice. Comments – the spicy sweet potato patties and the mushroom and pea sabji were both great!! I really liked them and would make them both again. For the lemon brown rice, admittedly we left out a handful of ingredients we couldn’t get in time (the dried red chilis and the split peas and curry leaves), but we found the lemon quite overpowering and would reduce it next time. Other than that it was tasty!

  2. I got Isa Does It for Christmas and the first recipe I made is the Sunflower Mac. At first I wasn’t sure it was a great mac and cheese recipe, but after a couple of bites I became seriously addicted.

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