Salad in a Jar, Smashed White Bean Wrap + Hot Chocolate

Lunch is my least favorite meal. If we lived in a culture where we all went home for a big mid-day meal, then I might like it, but most lunches are sandwiches in baggies, soggy salads, or leftovers in Tupperware. Not my idea of fuel for the middle of the work day, so last week I tried a couple recipes as possible lunch options:

Lindsay's Fave Salad in a Jar
Lindsay’s Fave Salad in a Jar

I went a little crazy with the ingredients, so it didn’t all fit in one jar. I actually really liked this and love the construction. You put the dressing and less porous ingredients on the bottom of the jar, so that when you flip it over, the dressing goes all the way through. The inclusion of a sweet potato and garbanzos beans made it pretty filling, although I still had to bring more snacks to eat throughout the day. I made it twice and will make it again.

Smashed White Bean Wrap
Smashed White Bean Wrap

This was also tasty, but not enough for my lunch appetite. I made it twice and the second time I brought it to work with Lindsay’s Fave Salad in a Jar, which filled me up.

Hot Chocolate
Hot Chocolate

After all that healthiness, it was time for a treat! I was too lazy to blend the ingredients in a blender (as suggested), so I just melted them in a pot and used my IKEA milk frother to blend them together right in the pot. I’ll make this again too.

VegCookbook Club Story Swap

Happy Herbivore

Everyday Happy Herbivore

Happy Herbivore Abroad

Happy Herbivore Light and Lean

Happy Herbivore Meal Plans, blog and/or website

What did you VegCook last week?

P.S. We got a nice shout out in the Omar Niode Foundation blog post, Let’s join Online Food Book Clubs.

15 responses to “Salad in a Jar, Smashed White Bean Wrap + Hot Chocolate

  1. Today I made the Skinny Pad Thai sauce from Light and Lean. Hubby and I loved it! quick and easy to make and very flavorful. I love that its made from staple pantry ingredients and can be easily adapted to meet each person’s tastes. As is, it was a winner. I will be making it next week . Tummy love…I put a picture on Instagram today at bananaboatsandcabbagepatches.

  2. Hi everybody,
    Here is what I made this week: The banana bread from The Happy Herbivore (the first book). Miummmm !!! My blog is only written in French though…!!

    Have a nice week 🙂

  3. This week from HH I made: Spicy Greens; Cajun Fries; Pancakes; Blueberry Sauce; Dirty Mashed Potatoes; Dijon-Herb Green Beans. From EHH I made: “Crab” Cakes; Remoulade; Broccoli & Red Pepper Stir-Fry; Gobi Palak. Thanks for all your hard work! 🙂

  4. Oh! I also made these-from EHH: Garlicky Spinach and Veggie Lo Mein and from HH: Broccoli Pesto Pasta. That’s all I’ll have time for this month!

  5. I also made from HH-Mexican Chorizo; and from EHH-Gingered Collard Greens. All of the recipes are on my blog.

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