Cauli-power “Alfredo”, Quinoa Corn Medley + Edamame Salad

Hello VegCooks!

Seems like everyone is very excited about our March VegCookbook, Oh She Glows by Angela Liddon, and people’s copies are arriving in their mailboxes, or local stores.

From the round-up below, it looks like some of the popular recipes to try last week were (with links to the recipes on the Oh She Glows blog):

Oh, and when you share photos of recipes you try on Twitter or Instagram, in addition to using the hashtag #vegcookbookclub, Angela asks that you use the hashtag #osgcookbook and tag her with @ohsheglows.


I finished up cooking from cookbooks by our February VegCookbook author, Colleen Patrick-Goudreau by making two more dishes: The Asian-Inspired Edamame Salad and the Quinoa Corn Medley from Color Me Vegan. I loved the Edamame Salad. Sooooo yummy and flavorful.

Edamame Salad
The Quinoa Corn Medley from The Vegan Table was fine, but a little plain, so I combined the two, which was delicious!


I also tried a recipe from the Oh She Glows blog, Cauli-power Fettucine “Alfredo” which was very very yummy! You can see the recipe here.

Cauli-power Fettucine "Alfredo"

What have you been VegCooking?


 VegCookbook Club Story Swap
I didn’t post a round up last week, so I’ve included what people cooked from Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s cookbooks (our February VegCookbook author), and from the Oh She Glows Cookbook and blog (our March VegCookbook).

Oh She Glows Cookbook & Blog

Color Me Vegan

The Joy of Vegan Baking

The Vegan Table

Vegan’s Daily Companion

13 responses to “Cauli-power “Alfredo”, Quinoa Corn Medley + Edamame Salad

  1. My apologies! I totally forgot to take pictures of a couple of recipes I tried from Oh She Glows Cookbook this week. We did two components of the savoury breakfast: the tofu scramble and the roasted potatoes. We made a big batch so it lasted us three days for breakfast and it was great starting the day with such a hearty, healthy meal full of veggies (the tofu scramble had lots of mushrooms and peppers and kale). Generally we like our food a bit more flavourful/spicy, so I’m not sure we would return to this exact recipe for a tofu scramble, but I’ll take away the idea of adding in the mushrooms and greens. I also made the blueberry/banana version of the baked oatmeal which I’m enjoying thoroughly! I’ll try to remember to take a picture when I warm up a serving for breakfast tomorrow. 🙂

  2. Woops! Silly me, I forgot I DID take a photo. 🙂 I’ll go post it to flickr now.

  3. Tonight I tried out the Cheerful Chocolate Smoothie and this was my favourite thing I’ve made from the book so far. It was just very tasty is all I can say. She mentions if you have harder dates to soak them first to re-soften. I would say if you can, soak regardless because I thought my dates were pretty soft but there were still a bunch of chunks of dates once I blended it up. But still, yummy!

  4. Here’s another review for which I don’t have a photo (sorry! but they melt too quickly to take a picture without getting chocolate on the camera). Tonight I tried the Yolos. I am normally skeptical about veganized things made from dates (I love dates but in their own context). But these are the real thing! I can’t believe that just 4 ingredients literally taste just like a rolo. This is a must-do and sure to be a crowd pleaser too.

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