♥ Love Notes ♥

“I love the #VegCookbookClub. One of my vows is always to cook more, because I know I eat way more healthily when I do (and I need to justify my vegan cookbook obsession). The Club keeps me focused and gives me structure. I’ve been way more successful at keeping this particular vow since I joined the #VegCookbookClub”
~ Elisa, Veggie Goes Vegan

“What a rewarding experience participating in the VegCookbook Club has been. I am actually dropping meat beginning tomorrow for a few months. I certainly expanded my veggie repertoire through the club. Who knows I may eventually move all the way to that position.”
~ Patricia, Boomerwizdom

“I’ve loved following along with the VegCookbook Club, as both a participant cooking from the current book and a follower of the blog when I’ve been too busy. Seeing pictures of the yummy food motivates me to keep up my healthy veg cooking at home. There’s no downside, so check it out!”
~Julie, Seize the Veggies

“I love the vegcookbookclub! I’m a cookbook junkie so it gets a little overwhelming looking through them all trying to decide what to cook. I like that I can focus on one cookbook a month and really get into whichever one we are using. It also keeps me accountable for eating healthy and blogging about what I have made. It’s great to be able to connect with other vegans, read about what everyone else is cooking and compare notes. Looking forward to a great year!”
~Kelley, Eatin’ Vegan in Smalltown, USA

“The VegCookbook Club is an inspiring, supportive community that promotes delicious culinary adventures. It’s like a never-ending VeganMoFo, with so much novelty and foodie fun to be had year-round.   Guided by Britt Bravo, the Club samples the best vegetarian and vegan cookbooks with compassion and joy as our staple ingredients. If you decide to join, expect a lot of good veg cooking–and eating–in your future.”
~ Lydia, vegankind

“When I first heard about Britt’s VegCookbook Club I was really excited about this new online community! Having a specific cookbook to work on through the month, and being able to see others’ successes was really fun, and got me creating in the kitchen! I will continue to watch and participate as this community grows, and I’m looking forward to stretching in the kitchen more and more often towards a plant-based lifestyle.”
~Courtney, YogaG33k

“I’m very excited to begin the #VegCookbookClub once again this year. Purchasing new cookbooks encourages me to try new techniques and broaden my creativity in vegetarian cuisine. It’s a great way to see what others are enjoying and to perhaps narrow my focus by trying what someone else has already determined to be a good choice. I was unable to keep up with the group last year due to a family emergency, but I still checked in regularly to see what others were creating and to try a few recipes along the way. A new year, and I’m ready!”
~Debra, breathelighter

“The VegCookBook Club is a wonderful platform that allows people to cook together and share their experience, whether they are seasoned cooks or not, whether they have a blog, a photo sharing account, or just a simple Internet access! That’s one way of participating in a vegetarian and veg-curious community. It never gets boring, since there is a new book to cook from each month. I am personally always excited to see which book we are going to cook from next and which book I am going to get familiar with or even revisit. It is fun!”
~Babette, Vegan à Montréal

“Thanks for facilitating what is now my favorite hobby — VegCooking with friends on Instagram!”
~ Eve, evesfca on Instagram

“I never knew that Instagram could be a community. But what I discovered last week was a group of people all cooking out of one Vegan cookbook author’s recipes, sharing their photos, tips and reviews on Instagram.”

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