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Two Juices: “The Real Thing” + Blood Purifer

Ingredients for "The Real Thing" juice

You know it’s fall when everyone around you starts getting sick. Boo. Consequently, last week seemed like a good time to try a couple of the juice recipes from our October VegCookbook, Moutherwatering Vegan. The photo above is of the bowl full of fruits and veggies that go into The Real Thing juice. Here’s what it looked like post-juicer:

The Real Thing Juice

It was very sweet and yummy. Kudos to those of you who make juice every day. How do you find the time to prep all of the ingredients?

I also made the Blood Purifier juice, which was much tastier than its name sounds:

Blood purifer juice

It was also refreshing and delicious.

What have you been VegCooking?

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